Friday, June 11, 2010

the power of place

During our pre-concert dinner Thursday night, my colleagues and I were discussing our time at the University of Minnesota School of Music. Our collective conclusion was this: it is a dark place, cancerous and destructive. As we cataloged the horrors of our experiences, we became tense, closed--all drawing our arms inward, as if to protect ourselves: physical evidence of our mental conditioning.

Now that I am away from this place, I try at all costs to not remind myself of it, lest an idle remembrance become a visceral nightmare. I mention it now, because CMM3 has been marked by the relationships forged as much as the music performed. Reconvening as colleagues (and friends) apart from the S.O.M. we could start anew, unfettered by those loathsome walls and create new, stronger friendships. This experience has been completely heartwarming, thus proving the power of place: where the SOM was malignant, my hope for CMM is that it will continue to foster a physical and mental space filled with joy, camaraderie and mutual respect.

figure camaraderie: smiles all around at Haydn warm-up

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