Monday, August 16, 2010

qualunque cosa monday

General miscellany that I don't particularly feel like writing into prose. Today is sort of out of date since I have been catching up on my Google Reader. Consider this the first installment of a weekly feature. As an FYI, qualunque cosa roughly translates as "whatever thing"

My friend and yours: Boethius; Something from Alex Ross that made me laugh out loud; If only my theory class was like this; APOD catch-up; Interesting if a little superficial, but I love me some Charles Rosen; Dear Frank Gehry, will you be my friend? Those wacky mathematicians; Insight into the horrific artworks of the Brothers Chapman, though I'd still suggest their work is more sensationalism than substance; A "Joke" from David Oistrakh; And while we're on the subject of YouTube; Childhood memories of paging through my parents' art books, among them an Alice Neel exhibition catalog; More from SEP; More from APOD; I *heart* design; Thank you. I hate it too; Yikes.

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