Monday, August 9, 2010

string camp

Chamber Music Midwest quickly stole a place in my heart as "favorite annual summer event." However, if I were to name a close second, it would have to be String Fling. Essentially a music day camp for students in the Hudson School district, the program offers students the opportunity to gain a new perspective and sharpen their musical skills during the summer months. There is something about helping out public school kids that I find extremely fulfilling--likely it is due to my own horrific (you might even say "damaging") experience in the New Richmond public school orchestra program.*

This weekend I've been frantically tossing together some things for a lesson tomorrow and impending auditions(!), but during my breaks I go straight to my quadernino** and brainstorm lesson plans. Each day will be about a different composer and performer. For example, tomorrow Heifetz/Schubert day for the seventh grade students and Fuchs/Bach day for the fifth and sixth grade students. Don't you wish you could be in my class?!

*I must say--if only as a clarification--that Hudson is NOTHING like New Richmond. Indeed, I have the utmost respect for the program and its faculty. They are all examples of how to make an orchestra program functional, beneficial.
** Little notebook

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