Thursday, December 30, 2010

we've come a long way, baby

For grant writing purposes, I've been charged with the task of composing a narrative of CMM's history. Let me begin by saying, we've come a long way.

Figure staged photo: "High Chancellor of Woodwinds" Corey Mackey after a the first ever CMM concert.

But seriously, CMM1 seems so long ago. What began as an alternative, a diversion, and an experiment, has transformed into something I feel proud of, something I love doing, and something I hope to continue well into the future. The first season represented an escape from an unhealthy university environment. I wanted to create a space for myself and my colleagues to perform, divorced from the toxicity of the University of Minnesota School of Music. So I did. We gathered to perform some nice music, we shared meals and gave concerts for a small but appreciative audience. The experience was at times terrifying, but always exhilarating and above all else, F-U-N fun.

Figure Tchaikovsky: (from left) Ramiro Alvarez, Clare Harmon, Zach Saathoff, Tim Brock, Nick Donatelle, Alison Fahy Schimming

Realizing the potential of what we had accomplished at CMM1, I wanted more. The possibilities for programming newly composed music were enticing to say the least. Chamber Music Midwest could become a vehicle for education, a safe space for performance, and forum for contemporary music. Enter CMM2, lovingly (jokingly?) subtitled "A Darmstadt for the Rest of Us."

Figure A Darmstadt for the Rest of Us: (from left) Luke Foster, Scott Sandersfeld, Kevin Margo, Tim Brock, Greg Nelson, Sam Rudy, Leah Siltberg, Clare Harmon, Kai Li Cheng, Joan Molloy, Sarah Foster

Stay tuned for notes on CMM2: aDftRoU...

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