Tuesday, July 26, 2011

back from vacation

Oh, hello there CMM blog. Didn't see you there.

(figure lovely vacation: 1920s carousel)

Having just returned from a lovely vacation, I am slowly but surely acclimating to the reality of my life: starting a new job (and concert series!), moving to a new city and apartment--a vita nova on every account. Certainly, there are a good many things to write about. Plagued by an unexpected and ostensibly insurmountable writer's block, I will--rather than writing something cohesive--list some things to read and see. Enjoy.

Zizek: an interview and an excerpt; this was one of the best shows I have ever seen; a video installation about which I hope to write someday when I have regained my ability to string a few words together; Renaissance choral music in Minneapolis here and here; and for your weekly McCarthyism, go here.

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