Friday, June 18, 2010

off season

Having come to a successful conclusion, CMM3 is slowly moving to the recesses of my little mind. I have, however, received numerous requests for the food [1] served at the pre- and post-concert parties. From this point onward, I intend to honor the epicurean aspect of CMM by posting various recipes here. Think of it as a balance for all the sloppy scholarship and philosophical half-truths presented on this blog. ha!

Figure pre-concert party: delicious challah was had by all

[1] CMM is all about musicians volunteering their time for the sake of performing with friends, etc etc. BUT. Food and wine are a very important part of the festival. We all look like we're having a great time because everyone has 1. just had a big (and dare I say it, delicious) meal and 2. is looking forward to eating cake and drinking wine at the after party.

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