Thursday, April 21, 2011

bits and bobs

I'm presently working on many (perhaps too many) projects--and of course, moving, starting a new life, getting ready for baby's first paper session--but during my breaks, I've been catching up on my leisure reading. Some things of interest:

From the Chronicle, a nicely articulated piece about the Bible; Ta-Nehisi Coates *hearts* Edith Wharton and it completely inspired me to read The Age of Innocence (or The Age of Awesome); More Coates (beautiful remembrance of the departed Marable, articulates the best sort of protégé/mentor bond); on undergraduate business degrees (I much appreciated the shout out to philosophy majors!); no more jokes about my practice of meditation (here); Being on Exodus (I'm absolutely inspired to pick up the good book this week--looking forward to investigating posed questions and the plurality of interpretations); From a friend, this is funny. Anything else? Spending time here, with him, revisiting this, and thinking of it in conjunction with this.

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