Thursday, April 21, 2011

ta-nehisi coates loves words

I just posted some links to Ta-Nehisi Coates' Atlantic blog, but I really feel that he deserves a more complete endorsement.

As I begin to work on my writing and scholarship--applying the same rigor and attention I used to give Flesch, Sevcik, et al--I find myself totally inspired by Coates. It seems sort of odd, right? But in Coates, one finds someone who truly, deeply, loves the written and spoken word. This passion is compounded by his unique, honest, and incredibly compelling voice. He makes me want to write and read. Perhaps it is the intoxication of starting a new career/life trajectory, but to me, his writing betrays the same sort of ravenous appetite for ideas I currently find in my own life.

If I asked nicely, do you think he would be my best friend?

History, politics, literature, hip-hop...Coates covers it all with the sort of style and √©lan that grabs you. Completely compelling. Here. His memoirs have officially been added to the summer reading list. I can't wait.

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