Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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In case you had any questions about Yael, here is your answer (and so much more)
Promote living art, anti-art, promote
fully grasped by all peoples, not only
critics, dilettantes and professionals.
FUSE the cadres of cultural,
social & political revolutionaries
into united front & action.
Fluxus Manifesto. George Maciunas (1963)

CHAMBER MUSIC MIDWEST announces its fourth season, Oh No, Fluxus! June 2-12, 2011. In keeping with CMM tradition, the tongue-partially-in-cheek title references a twentieth-century aesthetic movement associated with Georg Maciunas and his circle (of which Yoko Ono was a part). Inspired by conceits of access, revolution and indeed, flux, the Fluxus group--as noted in the Manifesto--sought to not only to "promote a revolutionary flood and tide in art," but also to "promote living art, anti-art, promote non art reality to be fully grasped by all peoples, not only critics, dilettantes and professionals." Thus, inspired by Maciunas's rhetoric, Oh No, Fluxus! will incorporate a diverse spectrum of music and performance while participating in a "revolutionary flood tide in art," one that seeks to dissolve the metaphorical and physical barriers that prevent universal access to music, art and ideas. All concerts are presented free of charge in partnership with local arts organizations and venues. For a detailed concert calendar, please visit: http://chambermusicmidwest.blogspot.com/p/concert-calendar.html

Oh No, Fluxus! will feature performers and composers of the highest order including internationally acclaimed composer, Sidney Corbett (professor of composition at Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst at Mannheim), Sarah Plum (professor of violin and viola at Drake University and first prize winner of the 1984 International Stulberg Competition), Akira Mori (winner of the Hideo Saito Award from Tokyo International Music Competition Conducting Contest), Geoffrey Deibel (Adjunct Professor of Saxophone, Grand Valley State University; member of h2 quartet, 2007 first prize winner of the Fischoff Competition), and Joseph Peters (New World Symphony), among numerous others.

We are pleased to present the American premiere of Sidney Corbett’s Yaёl for solo violin and orchestra. This free concert is presented in partnership and with the generous support of the St. Croix Artbarn on June 5th, 2011 at 4pm with a preconcert lecture at 3:15pm.

Our Mission: Chamber Music Midwest aims to present diverse programs of western art music in a free concert series designed to connect rural Wisconsin communities with classical music in a welcoming and informal setting. The concepts of access, education, and communication comprise the foundation upon which the festival is built. We seek to dismantle the physical and metaphorical barriers that prevent universal access to music and ideas. We seek to educate through means conventional (program notes and concert-demonstrations), and dynamic (a blog, a Facebook page, and unorthodox programming). We seek to communicate with our audiences as equals, acknowledging the symbiotic relationship between performers and listeners.

Our Genesis, a statement from artistic director, Clare Louise Harmon: Chamber Music Midwest was founded in the summer of 2008. I had been in music school at the University of Minnesota and wanted to perform with my friends and colleagues, unfettered by the demands of the institution. Furthermore, reflecting upon my childhood and adolescent years in New Richmond, I recognized a need for a concert series that might introduce (or re-introduce) classical music to the community. Out of these conclusions Chamber Music Midwest was born and has been growing ever since, featuring a diverse spectrum of performers. The first season was small but successful; the second included a composer in residence, a wind ensemble, and an eclectic selection of repertoire (Mozart, Varese, Reich, Penderecki, Brahms, and our composer in residence, Scott Sandersfeld). The third season was the most ambitious yet, featuring a resident conductor, a chamber orchestra, and a team young musicians and soloists on the precipice of performing careers. However despite this high quality of performance, Chamber Music Midwest is not about soloists or concert careers or fame. Rather, it is about musicians volunteering their time to perform in the company of friends.

For more information, including complete performer biographies, please visit:

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